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Motive Power controls work orders, workers, profitability, and handles customer contact. Motive Power views the basic unit of work as a job. Each work order is organized as a series of jobs. Each job has a job description, parts list, sublets needed (if any) and timeclock. Work orders show separate totals and profit margins for each job. Detailed information is kept for each customer and each vehicle or piece of equipment owned by that customer. Detailed reports break down parts usage, sales, and timeclock data. All payments, work orders, e-mails and license number changes are logged. Motive Power does not require you to perform any end of day or end of week activities. The system prompts you when reminders are due or a backup is overdue.

Work orders features:

Customer Management features:

Customization options:

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Other daily operations:


Motive Power has these unique work order features:

Motive Power has these customer information and business building features:

Motive Power is easily dialed in to your needs:

Motive Power provides a variety of reports like: (most reports can be saved in HTML format)

Daily tasks show you things that you need to do such as:

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