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Motive Power is available several ways. The best way for you to run Motive Power will depend on how much support you need and how you are set up.

Free Support is available in the FAQ at this site and by email. Any questions that come in which are not covered by the help system built into the program get posted on the FAQ. You can get help with specific problems by sending email to

One on One support is available directly our Independent Support specialists. This includes remote control of your system and/or telephone time to help with installation and other problems.

Independent Support Specialists help you with the initial installation and configuration of Motive Power. They also help you to get more out of your Motive Power program and your computer system. You can get local support that matches up to your hours of operation. Contact the individual companies for their rates.

CustomerLink Reminder Service sends reminders and other mailings to your customers on your behalf. Rates vary depending on the services purchased.