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Integration with QuickBooks ®

Motive Power has a built-in interface to Intuit's QuickBooks Pro 2004 or better (U.S. versions only). The purpose of this integration is to keep you from having to enter the same data twice.

Once you turn on this interface and set up the needed associations, Motive Power will automatically post your invoices and accounts receivable entries to QuickBooks as you finalize them. Motive Power will also post any partial payments to QuickBooks.

Each Motive Power customer can be associated with a QuickBooks customer or customer job. You can make this association in three ways: by pointing a Motive Power customer at a QuickBooks customer; by copying customers from QuickBooks to Motive Power, or by copying Motive Power customers to QuickBooks. This means you can add new customers either to Motive Power or to QuickBooks, then easily copy them to the other program. You can start with either QuickBooks or Motive Power and add the other program at any time without having to re-enter customer information.

Charge customers need an explicit association, so that invoices finalized in Motive Power can automatically flow into QuickBooks as accounts receivable invoices. Non-charge customers can have explicit associations too, but not this is not required.

There are several other settings that need to be made just once in Motive Power. Making these associations generally involves picking QuickBooks items or accounts from dropdown lists within Motive Power.

When you finalize a charge invoice in Motive Power, it automatically generates an Invoice in QuickBooks. When you finalize a non-charge invoice in Motive Power, it automatically records a Sales Receipt in QuickBooks.

Partial payments in Motive Power are processed as Sales Receipts in QuickBooks. When you finalize a ticket that includes a partial payment, the resulting transaction in QuickBooks contains a line item reversing out the partial payments total. QuickBooks will display the sales figures of finalized Motive Power invoices broken down by parts, labor, and sublet without regard to any partial payments.

If you own QuickBooks Pro 2004 or better (U.S. versions only), you can check out Motive Power and its interface to QuickBooks by downloading our free demo. After you install the Motive Power demo, be sure to read the QuickBooks info in the help file included with the demo. Turn on the QuickBooks interface in the demo and check it out for yourself!