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FAQ - Parts

How does Motive Power help me keep up my in house inventory?

How do I re-use parts information that I entered earlier?

How does Motive Power help me keep up my in house inventory?

The inventory function is mainly a way to get your in house items resupplied. When you put an item on a ticket you pick the part type. If it is an in house item you should choose Stocked as the type. In Reports | Parts | Replace Parts you can get a list of stocked items used in a given time period. This is the reorder list for replacement of stocked parts. The Parts on Tickets report helps you order you non-stocked parts. Say you start work at 8 and do the initial write up of several tickets. At 9 you want to order the items that have been put on tickets since 8. The report will give you that list. Service Writers can pull up a parts list on each ticket by going to the Parts List tab on the work order or estimate.
Once a part has been used on a finalized ticket you can re-pull that information onto the current ticket by clicking on the parts bar. This will include pricing and vendor information if you captured it on the finalized invoice. This function works on the sublet bar as well. The main idea is that Motive Power program captures everything you do and keeps it available to you.

How do I re-use parts information that I entered earlier?

You can easily find and re-use information about any part on a finalized invoices.
In Motive Power you find parts that have been used on tickets before for re-use. You can use this feature to see all parts that you have used.
When you are on a work order and you click the parts search bar you will automatically be shown parts that have been used on this job title on this make and model. It will show you parts for two years on either side of the default year. If it is a 1995 vehicle it will show you parts used for that job title for that make and model from 1993 to 1997.
If you don't see what you want then you need to broaden the search criteria. If you click Clear Settings to rest the filter criteria and then click Search, you will see every part you used in the date range shown in the Parts Added field. Motive Power will show you up to the number of parts shown in the Max Results field.
If you click Clear Setting and then clicked the name contains radio button and entered Oil, you would see all items that had oil anywhere in the part name.
On any of these screens, the most recent items that qualify come up first so you should see the most current pricing.
Remember that all of the information you pull up comes from finalized invoices unless you clicked the Catalog tab. You may have a lot of data on open work orders but that information cannot be used until it is finalized.
Jobs checked as generic will NOT automatically bring up any parts, sublet, or changes to the description from the most recent use of that job title.