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How do I do full backup?

Check the backup entry in the index of your help system or by pressing the F1 key when you are on the backup screen. It depends on what type of device and software you are using to perform full backup. Since there is such a wide variation from Zip drives, to tapes, to CDRs, to DVD-RWs, and Internet based backups we can't really document them. The instructions for the same type of backup vary from brand to brand. The simplest case is using the Windows backup to a different drive, removable or not. The important part is that it be a real backup program, meaning that it re-sets the archive bit. The other essential fact is that you need to backup the folder named MotivePower3\BackThisUp and all its subfolders. (Note: for Motive Power 3.0, the folder is called MotivePower2\BackThisUp.)

Why does the cloud stay across the sun after I do backup ?

The most likely reason is that you are using something to do your long term backup that does not set the archive bit. Programs use the archive bit to see which files have changed since the last backup. The following lines may be able to be added to any scheduled job or batch job that you are using to do your long term backup. If you can't add this information to your regular backup job you can execute it directly from a command prompt or make a stand alone batch job to update the archive bit.

If you run backup on your local PC which holds the Motive Power files you need to add these lines:
  1. C:   (to get to the right drive with the Motive Power data)
  2. cd\   (to get to the root folder)
  3. for Motive Power 3.5: attrib -a "program files\motivepower3\backthisup\*.* /s /d
      for Motive Power 3.0: attrib -a "program files\motivepower2\backthisup\*.* /s /d

If your Motive Power data is on a different computer add this:
  attrib -a \\server\share\backthisup\*.* /s /d

Substitute the name of the computer hosting the Motive Power data for server and the sharename of the MotivePower3 folder on that machine for the share. (Note: the sharename for Motive Power 3.0 is MotivePower2.)