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GarageKeeper 2000 is the top product in the GarageKeeper automotive software line. It is the 20th anniversary edition of GarageKeeper software. It provides inventory control, invoicing, and service management capabilities designed to solve the problems of independent garages, automotive specialty shops, and new car dealerships. GarageKeeper 2000 is year 2000 compliant. All years are stored in the full 4 digit format.


GarageKeeper helps you organize your inventory and customer service records. It saves you time by using the automatic service jobs. It reduces paperwork by billing warranty providers directly from customer invoices. It saves you money by charging the correct prices, and helps you optimize your inventory investment by identifying overstocked, understocked, and underpriced items. It builds your business by remembering when important services are due and helping to send out service reminders. It helps you be a better manager by making reports detailing service work, parts movement, and profits, and employee efficiency by person and by job type.


To be truly useful, a computer program must perform quickly and reliably. Execution speed and data integrity are top priorities in the design and programming of GarageKeeper 2000. This starts with the choice of programming tools and carries through to the choice of hardware and software for the operating environment. Each item is chosen to give you the best performance with the best protection for your information.

Designed for Automotive Repair Shops and Dealerships

GarageKeeper 2000 provides invoicing, customer tracking, inventory control, and service management to mechanical repair shops and small new car dealerships. By making your invoices on a local area network or on a single-user computer using GarageKeeper 2000, you can automatically update information on parts usage, services done to the vehicle, mechanics' labor dollars, weekly sales and profit figures, and accounts receivable. GarageKeeper 2000 is available in versions for any number of stations. It goes from a single user to an unlimited number of users.

GarageKeeper 2000 gives you the tools you need to manage your inventory, write estimates and work orders, track parts and service history, and keep in touch with your customers.

Professional, Accurate Estimates & Work Orders

Inventory Management

Customers and Service History

Business Management and Accounting

Information Security

Customized for Your Business, by You

GarageKeeper 2000 Major Functions

GarageKeeper is designed to handle the paperwork for your repair shop without changing the way you do business. GarageKeeper is an interactive program, made to run on the service counter, on the parts counter, on the shop floor, at the cashier's window, and in the office as you perform your daily tasks. Start work orders when the work actually begins, and keep them up to date as the work progresses. Issue purchase orders when you are ready to order parts, and receive them when they arrive. Look up inventory parts and prices whenever you need to, and always know what you have on hand. View old paid invoices for a customer's vehicle without leaving the current work order.

You get around in GarageKeeper by pressing function keys to select the major tasks, and by selecting items from numbered menus where appropriate.

Function Description
F1 Work Orders start estimates and work orders, update estimates and work orders in progress, pay invoices
F2 Inventory add new parts to inventory, look at or update parts you stock
F3 Purchase Orders issue and cancel PO's for stock and special orders
F4 Receivings record parts (stocking items and special orders) and sublet work as they come in
F5 Customers add new customers, look at or update existing customers, review the vehicle service history and paid invoices stored on line
F6 Service Management Menu maintain and print the service jobs and service categories, view and print customer service history, view and reprint invoices paid today or old invoices from the megadisk, look at the parts history log
F7 File Maintenance Menu add and update vendors, customize GarageKeeper for your shop,
load physical inventory counts, adjust inventory prices, maintain the table of vehicle makes and models
F8 Reports Menu print inventory, customers, sales analysis, bin labels, purchase orders, physical inventory worksheets, the Bosch report, top special orders sold, other parts log details
F9 Accounts Receivable manage charge accounts for individuals and fleets, print statements, print aging reports, apply service charges
F10 Exit balance your cashbox, print the daily and weekly reports

GarageKeeper 2000 Printed Reports

Report Title Description
Estimates, Work orders, Invoices accurate, legible copies of estimates and work orders in progress and of invoices paid previously
Weekly report invoices paid this week and this year, productivity by mechanic and job class, receivings, inventory value, orders in progress, cashbox activity; latest weekly report is stored on hard disk as an ASCII file
Report of work in progress hours assigned to each mechanic on selected estimates and work orders in progress
Inventory reports reports you design by choosing from 26 facts about each part you stock, output to the printer or to a disk file for use by other programs
Bin labels for parts labels for the parts bins and boxes in your stock room
Customer letters letters which notify customers of services due or done in the period you specify, and reminder letters of your own design
Customer lists lists of selected customers with name, address, and vehicle information, output to a printer or to disk
Customer labels labels for pre-printed customer mailings, output to a printer or to disk
Customer phone book a list of all active customers with their phone numbers
Customer cross reference a list of all active customers in customer code order (usually by last name) with their license numbers
Inactive customers a list of all inactive customers
Report of makes & models a list of all makes and models
Pulling lists lists of parts and locations produced when you convert estimates to work orders
Put away lists lists showing where to store the inventory parts just received, and what vehicles have received special orders and/or sublet labor
Inventory worksheets worksheets for counting physical inventory, in location or part number order, for the whole inventory or a selected portion
Inventory shrinkage variances between inventory counted and inventory records
Daily report totals of invoices, sales tax, and cashbox for today
Monthly report recap of invoices, sales tax, receivings activity for the previous month
Year end report recap of invoices, receivings, and inventory totals for the year
Purchase orders hard copy (including 3 of 9 bar codes on your laser printer, if desired) and/or an ASCII file for your dealer communication system or fax/modem when you issue a PO; lists of issued or unissued PO's
No sales this year
Items to return if possible
Increase minimums
Underpriced items
Decrease minimums
Overstocked items
Top items sold by quantity
Top items sold by profit
a selection of sales analysis reports with parameters you can define,
to help you fine-tune your inventory based on sales history, profit margin, and re-supply time
Negatives in inventory parts which need attention
Service job index a list of your service job titles with makes, models, and dates of manufacture that they cover
Service job book a list of your service jobs with current parts and labor totals
Service categories a list of service management categories with service intervals
Service management analysis a list of selected service categories showing the number of times each service was performed in any of the last 48 months
Inventory prices adjusted a list of the parts whose prices were just adjusted, showing both the old and new prices
Customer statements charge account statements showing the invoices, payments, and service charges over any period; one statement per fleet
A/R aging report a list of all open accounts receivable invoices, with aged totals
A/R journals lists of A/R activity between any dates, by fleet, open invoice, or vehicle
A/R payment receipt a simple payment receipt for your charge customer, if needed

GarageKeeper 2000 Service Management

The service management categories are the basis of service management. You can define the service interval for each category. GarageKeeper remembers how many times you performed each service in each of the last 48 months. Reference# 110 on these 3 sample screens relates the service interval, job description, and the vehicle service history.

    9/96  2        9/95  6        9/94  4        9/93  4          
    8/96  3        8/95  5        8/94  4        8/93  3          
    7/96  4        7/95  5        7/94  5        7/93  3          

You set up service jobs for the services you do often and/or want to track. You can limit a service job to cover only a certain make, model, and range of years. For example, you could define several different maintenance jobs which refer to different types of cars. Then when you enter the labor code MAINT on a work order, GarageKeeper uses the service job which matches the customer vehicle.

      SERVICE JOB 1.LABOR CODE MAINT                      
                  2.MAKE SAAB MODEL 2L YEARS 73-77        
                  3.REF# 110  4.HOURS/AMOUNTS H           
  --QTY--PARTNO---------NAME OF PART--------------------  
  1. 7 SAE75         GEAR OIL                             
  2. 1 W92021        OIL FILTER                           
  3. 4 5317129       10-40 OIL CAN                        
  ---TYPE--LABOR DESCRIPTION---------------------HOURS--  
  1. J   CHANGE ENGINE OIL AND TRANS OIL        1.5       
  3. L   CHECK, ELECTRICAL CHECK, ROAD TEST               

When you pay an invoice containing a service job, GarageKeeper records the service. You can view and print this customer service history at any time. You can use the service history to select customers for reminder letters and other mailings. You can ask to see the services due on work orders for this customer.

  FIRST SERVICE DATE   10/01/90      AVG MILES PER MONTH        641      
  REF#  SERVICE        DUE         LATEST              PRIOR
   110  MAINTENANCE          02/05/96   94565    01/31/95   86707       
   505  BRAKE FLUSH          12/14/95   93200           0       0       
   170  WINTERIZE       *    09/15/95   91533    10/07/94   83892       
   311  TUNEUP               05/29/95   89325           0       0       

GarageKeeper 2000 Customer Selection Example

GarageKeeper 2000 includes the ability to print customer lists, reminder letters, and mailing labels. You can select the customers for printing by specifying the characteristics of the customers you want. You do this by entering information on the screen, as illustrated below.

For example, suppose you want to send out reminder letters to BMW customers who have had services done at your shop, but not for the last 6 months. You decide to limit these reminders to certain zip codes. Today's date is 9/1/96.



                                      DONE WHEN? 00/00/00 THROUGH 3/01/96

change Customers    make Report    change Services    change Vehicles

GarageKeeper will select only those customers who meet all your selection criteria. You can select up to 4 vehicle make/model combinations at a time, if desired.

GarageKeeper will print the selected customers on your choice of service reminder letters, mailing labels, or plain lists. The output can be sorted by license#, by customer code, or by postal code. You can choose to send the customers to an ASCII disk file instead of the printer.

You can compose your own reminder letters with most text editors and word processors, using the standard letter which comes with GarageKeeper as a model. You can have access to hundreds of your own customized letters. You can instruct GarageKeeper to insert the current date, the customer name, address, and other information, the services due, and/or the vehicle make, model, and year into each letter as it prints.

On laser printers, GarageKeeper prints sheets of mailing labels according to the spacing parameters you specify. If you use a dot-matrix printer, GarageKeeper prints one-up mailing labels with the vertical spacing you specify. You can also put the labels to a disk file, for use with other programs.

GarageKeeper 2000 Sample Inventory Report

You can design your own inventory reports using 26 facts that GarageKeeper maintains for the parts you stock. The following is a fragment of an inventory report produced by GarageKeeper 2000:


01045         GE POINTS         2.42   5.46  .00 KD06    9 IGN     1   3.10
02031         GE CONDENSER      1.81   4.00  .00 KE30    4 IGN     1   2.19
03019         GE DIST CAP       2.50   5.50  .00 KC32    2 IGN     4  12.00
03074719      GE BRAKE MASTER  16.73  27.00  .00 EC24    0 BRAK    1  10.27
04004         GE DIST ROTOR     2.55   5.28  .00 KE36    8 IGN     2   5.26
20/10         PA WIND CLEANER    .08    .25  .00 OO15   62 SUPP    1    .17
230090005     GE TRIGGER CONT  18.59  40.85  .00 KK03    2 FI      1  22.26
24F36         IB BATTERY       28.39  47.62 5.00 BD06    1 STRT    1  18.50
280120036     GE THROTTLE SW   17.06  37.50  .00 KK06    2 FI      1  20.44
480349        GE AIR FILTER     3.61   5.79  .00 KN06    2 SERV    1   2.18
50193         FU 16 FUSE         .10    .40  .00 BC21   41 ELEC   12   3.22
6467125       JO 10-40 MT OIL    .82   1.14  .00 OO02  246 LUBE   12   3.67

 [1]         [2]     [3]         [4]    [5]  [6]  [7]  [8]  [9]  [10]  [11]

[1] the part number, up to 20 characters long

[2] the vendor from whom you buy this part

[3] the part name, up to 30 characters (the sample uses 12 out of the 30 characters available)

[4] the average unit cost, between 0 and 999999.99

[5] the unit list price (the price paid by an A customer), between .01 and 999999.99

[6] the core charge for the part, between 0 and 999999.99

[7] the location at which the item is stored, up to 4 characters

[8] the current number on hand, up to 9999

[9] the application for the part, up to 4 characters

[10] the number used on work orders so far this year, up to 9999

[11] the year-to-date profit on this part, up to 999999.99

In addition to these facts, you can also choose to include:

GarageKeeper 2000 Sample Work in Progress Report

The Work in Progress report is a tool for figuring out if you are overcommitted or undercommitted on shop labor. Every work in progress report has one column for each mechanic, with the total hours at the bottom. You can choose additional information for each report according to your needs at the moment. In the samples which follow, notice that each report is sorted by whatever is in the first column.

TO 9/12/96 AT 6 PM

J  LICENSE#      JG  MS    PS   RC   RS  

D  FRL292                      2.0  1.5  
M  JNT169       2.0       2.6            
M  BLG985       1.5  2.2  2.2            
R  JNT169            4.0                 
R  ABC123        .5                 4.5  
                4.0  6.2  4.8  2.0  6.0  
You could print this report first thing in the morning to see a summary of today's labor by job type. In the sample, D stands for diagnosis, M for regular maintenance, R for rebuild. The report helps you answer the questions: Can we take any other jobs today? What kind of jobs? This tells you if it's a good idea to sell additional work to customers as they drop off their cars this morning.
After the morning rush, you could run another report to help fine-tune your labor assignments. Typically, the hours will be higher due to extras found during teardown. This report points out any labor you can swap for efficiency, to help you to balance the hours better.
                  WORK IN PROGRESS  ON 9/12/96                   
  INCLUDES ALL ORDERS FOR 9/12/96 AT 8 AM TO 9/12/96 AT 6 PM     


  30,000 MILE SERVICE    M   JNT169            3.0        
  DIAGNOSE ELECTRICAL    D   FRL222                2.0
  DIAGNOSE TRANSMISSION  D   FRL222                    1.5
  FRONT BRAKES           M   BLG985        2.2
  REBUILD ALTERNATOR     R   ABC123     .5
  REBUILD STEERING RACK  R   JNT169        4.0
  REBUILD TRANSMISSION   R   ABC123                    4.5
  REPLACE CLUTCH         R   ABC123                 .8
  TRANSMISSION SERVICE   M   BLG985            2.2
  TUNE UP                M   BLG985    1.5

                                       4.0 6.2 5.2 2.8 6.0
                WORK IN PROGRESS  ON 9/12/96
INCLUDES ALL ORDERS FOR 9/12/96 AT 8 AM TO 9/12/96 AT 6 PM  

 9/12/96   4 PM   DRIVE    BLG985          2.2              
 9/12/96   5 PM   PARTS    ABC123                      4.5  

                                           2.2         4.5  
Around mid-afternoon, you could make a third report to see which labor items promised for delivery today are not finished yet. This would enable you to give extra attention to these jobs, to be sure you meet the deadlines.

GarageKeeper 2000 Connects to the Outside World

GarageKeeper 2000 has facilities for bringing information in from other sources and for putting infomation out for use with other programs.


With the GarageKeeper Merge utility, your inventory and customer files can be created and updated without typing. We use the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) to automatically put data into your GarageKeeper files.

Accounting Export

With the Accounting Export utility, you can transfer important details from GarageKeeper's weekly report to many popular accounting programs and spreadsheets without retyping.

The Accounting Export puts accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll information from the latest weekly report into three separate ASCII files. You can choose these formats:

ASCII Reports

Several of GarageKeeper's reports can be saved as fixed-format ASCII files on disk instead of being printed out. All you do is specify that output should be put to a disk file, and make the report as usual. The inventory report, customer lists, parts history reports, and A/R statements, journals, and aging reports can be saved to disk.
Purchase orders can make an ASCII file for use by your dealer communications systems software. The file can also be used by computer-based fax cards to transmit orders to your suppliers.

Custom Reports

Since GarageKeeper uses the Btrieve® record manager for many of the major files, some third-party report writers can be used to make custom reports. Contact your GarageKeeper dealer for more information.

GarageKeeper 2000 Support

You'll find that GarageKeeper reflects your way of doing business and speaks your language. Comprehensive documentation and tutorials help you become productive quickly. For those times when you need help, we provide support several ways. Our support helps you remain independent, because you pay only for what you need, when you need it. There are no monthly or annual maintenance charges.


We require that you have a telephone modem (14.400 baud or faster) installed and working with Symantec PC-Anywhere or Norton Lambert's Close-Up® Host or Customer communications program in order to receive interactive support from Computer Assistance. Experience has shown that this is by far the most efficient way to answer your questions and help you with problems.

Includes Support for 90 Days

GarageKeeper 2000 includes 90 days of telephone, modem, and fax support. We can help your Certified Netware or Microsoft Engineer install GarageKeeper on your Novell or Windows 95/98/NT network, or help your DOS expert install GarageKeeper on your single-user computer. We can help you understand the features of your new GarageKeeper program. We are happy to help you become productive with our products.

Internet Support

You can visit our home page by pointing your brower at Our Internet site contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions which may help you solve your problem. You can also E-mail support questions to, and you will receive an answer at your E-mail address.

On-Line Support

You can use your modem and PC-Anywhere or Close-Up® Host or Customer to connect to our support computer while you are running GarageKeeper. We can see your computer screen. We work with you, and we run your computer from our office to help you operate GarageKeeper successfully. After the initial 90-day support period, you pay our regular hourly rate for GarageKeeper support. Networking and other operating system support are also available for an additional fee. There is a 10 minute minimum on paid support calls.


We warrant that GarageKeeper 2000 performs as specified in the User's Manual. Reproducible errors will be corrected at no charge for one year from date of purchase.

GarageKeeper 2000 Hardware Requirements

Multi-user versions of GarageKeeper 2000 (GarageKeeper 2000-2 and up) are supported on Windows 95/98/NT and Novell networks. GarageKeeper 2000-1 provides all the features of GarageKeeper 2000 to one user at a time.

File Server any current version of Windows 95/98 for smaller networks or Windows NT or Novell Netware® for 5 or more users
Microsoft or Novell certified hardware for main computer
32 megabytes of RAM for Windows 95/98 networking, 64MB for Windows NT 4.0 networks, 16MB for Netware 3 networks, 64MB for Netware 4 or 5
hard drive with 150MB minimum free space for independent shops, or 500MB minimum free space for large shops and authorized dealerships
network interface card
uninterruptable power supply
Workstations Intel Pentium or 100% compatible with at least 512K of low RAM available. Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 or PC/MS-DOS 3.3 or later
network interface card
one station running PC-Anywhere or Close-Up Host or Customer. This station needs a modem and a floppy drive, and may also require additional memory and a high-capacity backup device.
Stand Alone Computer Intel Pentium or 100% compatible with at least 640K of RAM. GarageKeeper 2000 needs at least 512K free conventional memory to run. The program will also use extended or expanded memory, if you have it.
PC/MS-DOS version 3.3 or later, or Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0
hard drive with at least 100MB free, and a high-density floppy drive
PC-Anywhere or Close-Up Host or Customer and a Hayes-compatible modem (at least 14.400 baud) for support.
uninterruptable power supply
Printer(s) 80-column dot matrix printers with compressed print: Epson®/IBM, Okidata , or a Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printer
all printers can be local to each workstation or spooled
CD-ROM reader and interface card on Windows or DOS stations
Netware: NLM with CD-ROM reader attached to server, or Map Assist with CD-ROM attached to workstation., or Windows 95/98 CD-ROM host
Installation & Configuration network installation and configuration by a Certified Microsoft or Netware Engineer
GarageKeeper installation and configuration by your GarageKeeper dealer

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When you buy GarageKeeper, you're buying software that has been proven at independent garages, small dealerships, and automotive specialty shops throughout North America since 1979. And you're buying from a company that is dedicated to your success.

Computer Assistance Inc. has focused on providing affordable, effective solutions to the automotive repair industry since 1979. The company was formed by people who owned and operated an independent repair shop and who developed inventory control software.

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