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GarageKeeper 2000 provides invoicing, customer tracking, inventory control, and service management to mechanical repair shops and small new car dealerships. By making your invoices on a local area network or on a single-user computer using GarageKeeper 2000, you can automatically update information on parts usage, services done to the vehicle, mechanics' labor dollars, weekly sales and profit figures, and accounts receivable.

GarageKeeper 2000 is available in versions for any number of stations. It goes from a single user to an unlimited number of users.

GarageKeeper 2000 gives you the tools you need to manage your inventory, write estimates and work orders, track parts and service history, and keep in touch with your customers.

As of 1/1/2011 new installations of GarageKeeper 2000 are limited to shop owners and resellers that already have experience with GarageKeeper products.

Support for Windows XP ends in 2014. We cannot promise support for GarageKeeper after that. Current GarageKeeper users should upgrade to Motive Power 3, our shop management program for 32 or 64 bit Windows 7. We import your GarageKeeper customers and vehicles. We convert your inventory into the Motive Power parts catalog. We bring your GarageKeeper 2000 invoices into Motive Power so you don't need to keep GarageKeeper running.